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Hi there, I’m really glad to see you! You are taking yourself to a next level! I am honoured to be at your service and I hope you can use my input and use it in your own life.

For getting wealthy, you need a few things. None of them are physical though! You gotta use your brain skills for this. If I can do this, you can do this too, so let’s go!


You’ve got to allow yourself to make money as much as you wish. It may seem a bit strange, but this is the struggle many people have. They don’t think they are worth it! Be honest to yourself. Ask yourself if it feels OK to have a LOT of money. If there is doubt, you have to take a look inside yourself and create the right mindset.
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It’s easy to earn money online, but how to create a steady income is an art. This is a lot easier and healthier when you follow a training. You can practice what you’ve learned immediately and create a structure in doing the right things.



You need a website! You have to show yourself online and deserve the trust of your customers. On your website, you can put information about your product and keep people interested.



Meet people! Go to events to meet people to work with or to learn from. It’s important to keep yourself on track. When you have people to support you, you will make it!





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I did a little research and asked people what it means to be rich.  You Can See it Here !

4 thoughts on “Getting Wealthy

  1. Yes yes yes
    The more we are in YES mode…the better it is for al of us.
    Thanks for comment Barb, much appreciate.
    Be kind,

  2. Hi Arief,
    Thank you so much for your reply.
    Yes, I’m working a while now with attracting good stuff towards myself and I now know the first step is to create (in your mind) your own future.
    Intention is gold.
    Be great,

  3. Hey Kit! I couldn’t agree with you more about having the right mindset. I know, from my own personal experience, this to be so true! You’re setting you’re setting yourself up for failure if you don’t believe you’re worth or or know your value. A self fulfilling prophecy sorta thing. Nice article!

  4. Hi, Kit.

    I love the Future Millionaire On Board sign. I might make one.

    I agree with you that to be a successful person, we need a network. People can not do it by themselves. They need other people. But most important thing is really the mindset. If you never think of success, then it will never happens.

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