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Do You Need To Be Rich To Feel Rich

Get wealthy online

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I feel Logan Couture A jersey youth rich every day because I’m so blessed to be safe. Having a nice house. Having a great family and friends. I am grateful to having all these and I want to take care of them. That’s the main reason for me to get wealthy online. I like to support my family whenever I can.

Now my parents are growing older they need more support and attention. My sister lives near my parents and is taking care of them every day, besides taking care of her own four children. So, she needs my assistance of course! But I can’t be there physically every day and I’m so glad I can support them soon with a little amount of money because I get wealthy online. They can buy themselves a little more comfort than.

They are not bad right now, but for instance, my mother needs a hearing appliance and that’s not really a cheap thing. I don’t want them to get in trouble about that. Also, she can use a little more help in housekeeping, but she find it’s not worth the money…

Friends of me are seeking for a job, but it’s hard to find when you’re not in your twenties anymore. They are not familiar with online business and don’t have the confidence to start one. I would gladly help them to be more familiar with this. I am someone who always sees possibilities and I hope that someday they allow me to show them a different way to making money and get wealthy online.

I feel rich and supported because I am a member of a wealthy community. Of course, I want to make money, but I found out there’s cheap football jerseys more to it than just the money. Starting my own online business is a great opportunity to get wealthy online, but also an football jerseys wholesale opportunity to become really financial free. For me, freedom is everything. I’m an artist since I was born and life was not always easy because of all cheap jerseys China the rules we made. To own my own business gives me the richdom I need to feel free.

As I am a cheap jerseys China social person and gladly want to serve people, I want to ask you wholesale jerseys plain when you feel rich. I’m looking forward to your comment.

I want to be rich!


I am very interested in what you think of it. Would you wholesale jerseys leave me a comment? You can also email me:

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12 thoughts on “Do You Need To Be Rich To Feel Rich

  1. Thank you Emanuel!
    It’s always a challenge to feel free and do what you really want.
    The Wealthy Affiliate program is awesome.
    This way of life, the Online Marketing Business gives us all the opportunity to live our dreamlife.
    Why not shout this from the roofs!
    To your succes,

  2. Finally I found a website with all the information that I was looking for.
    You have some great information here! I totally agree with you that freedom is everything.
    I am just learning about Online Jobs Opportunities, so I learned a lot, since I joined Wealthy Affiliate program.

  3. Thank you Erin,

    Yes, I know what you mean. I think money is just a tool, plants don’t have to use it…:-)

    Be kind, Kit

  4. Hi Kit – I’m so happy to hear you talk about being rich as something more than having money! Honestly, in the US I think sometimes I’m the only one who sees things that way, now I know better.

    Wealth abounds all around us, in the plants we grow, in the love of our family and friends, in growing strong and healthy communities. Thank you for your website.

  5. Thank you Angie for your positive input! Yes Wealthy Affiliate is a great community.

  6. I agree with you 100% on money not being the only important thing in life, there are so many moments in life to be grateful for!!!! Wealthy Affiliate for sure provides such a amazing atmosphere to be around, where people are actively helping one another grow, and not just their bank account !!!! The bank account growing is just the cherry on top, thank you for your inspiring words!!

  7. Hi Jan, thank you for comment. My experience with this Wealthy community also teaches me more and more the benefits of doing it together. That’s the way I like it most. Stay connected with eachother and spend time with your beloved ones is important. We are people! I love this work! Regards Kit

  8. Thank you Joseph! I think too that the old fashioned way of working with a boss is starving. So, there’s a lot of work to do for us to help others on their journey and get wealthy online. And it’s fun too! Be great Joseph, Kit

  9. Arief, we’re like minded! Thanks for reply, I really appreciate. The journey is the thing!

  10. The rich feeling is something you can not get from someone else or even from something. It comes from our gratitudes toward life’s conditions. Bad or good.

    I will love to see your success. Not the goal, but the journey.


  11. I agree that it is not easy to find a job these days. So running a business is going to be the way to go. I also believe that being part of Wealth Affiliate is one of the best ways to build an online business because of the help one gets from the community. I want to be rich too and I believe online business is the way to go.


  12. Yes, I totally agree to you that freedom is everything. Life is short and we should spend more time with our family and enjoy life. As a member of the Wealthy Community, I found I really benefited a lot not only learning the skill on how to build my online business, but also the support and courage given by the members. “Love what you do and do what you love”!


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