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Kindfulness – Showing Respect In The Japanese Culture

Kindfulness – Showing Respect In The Japanese Culture


Please, welcome in Japanese.

We use it in our training. We train aikido of course ;-))

Saying “Onegaishimasu” shows respect to our opponent. We can train safely together. We respect each other. I love this attitude and I feel very good with it.

Showing respect in the western world is not common. Actually, in the western world, we are a bit rude or a bit rude. ( Sorry for my language, don’t know if this explains a good way).


As you may know, I am a fan of kindfulness. I practice this every day.

Every morning I say to myself watching ME in the mirror: “Hi Kit, you’re great”. Or something else nice. This helps me to feel even happier instantly. Feels great every time again. And I laugh at myself . . .

By practicing aikido I also learn the Japanese culture and I learned a lot from that. The Japanese people who I know are so friendly and really kindful. I feel humble every time when I experience this natural kindfulness.

I love this!!