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Never Give Up

never give up!

Never give up , never give up, never give up, ever, ever!!

Could be a song right?

Life is good motivation song. Maybe I write a song like this someday, wow, what a great idea…another great idea 🙂 Yes, I have to choose…

My story of success started when I decided to lead a good life. I just decided that at a moment I felt down, and changes must be made. I made a choice to feel happy and said it out loud, while I was walking my daily walk. Nobody could hear me, so, what the heck… I felt a bit weird, yes, but the best part was: I felt great right away! I made a choice with such a certainty and that was the start of a new life.

never give up!

I started to experiment with this kind of things. Affirmations and positive thoughts and meditation to re-program my mind.

Re-Programming Your Mind

Affirmations are essentially positive statements that re-program your mind for the positive.
The moment you have a self-defeating thought you’d be able to counter the negative with a
motivating statement.

An example of a positive affirmation is:

“I am worthy of great success”  or

“I see myself in the winner’s circle.”

What this does is replace negativity with thoughts that will help you move toward your goals instead of further away from them. Positive self-talk is easier to implement than you might think. You may not be aware of the severity of the negative dialogue currently within your mind. However, once you begin with positive self-talk, you will suddenly realize that you are self-sabotaging the goals you set for yourself from the minute that you make them. This process can open your eyes to exactly how much this inner conversation has been interfering with your life.


You’ll feel hopeful that you can now set new goals and surpass them. Through positive self-talk you will be able easily set new long and short-term goals for yourself. And when you use affirmations, you’ll have accessible tools to help you push yourself further than ever before.


Learning to quiet negativity with positive thoughts is a great move toward setting and attaining future goals with ease.

So, never ever give up! And live!

Life is good, motivation!

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